Twitter Tips for Your Business

Do you see growing your social media presence as a necessary but DAUNTING task? Maybe you have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest...and that can be overwhelming..... So what to do?

Start by focusing on having a consistent presence on only two accounts (for instace, we are most active on Facebook and Instagram). That way you focus your attention and message to where you think most of your customers are.  

If you decide Twitter is one of those accounts for you (and here are some reasons it should be) then here are 4 tips to get you started!





Even though you have 280 characters available to you it doesn't mean you need to use them all. A Short message makes more of an impact than a long one. Focus in on one thing you want your reader to grasp. You can always include links that will send people to a longer post where they can find out more about the info in your tweet. 



Hashtags are the way you expand the reach of your tweet. By including #hashtags that are relevant to your business and industry your tweet becomes associated with that keyword. Be creative with your hashtags and stick to only 2-3 per tweet. 



It is said that a tweet with imagery gets 3 times for engagement than tweets without, so use photographs, GIFS, and videos to your tweet to increase it engagement potential. Plus, Twitter allows you to include up to 4 pictures in a single tweet. 




Social Media is all about being social. The best way to grow your numbers is to engage with others on the platform. This includes your customers, people interested in your company, and others in your industry. Reply to others' tweets, ask questions, like and retweet tweets, and follow accounts that interact  with you. Look at accounts you like and see how they interact with the Twitterverse. The only real way of succeeding at social media is to stay social on it! 


Happy Tweeting! 



Alexandra Mann

Alexandra Mann

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