Time to Step Up Your Insta-game...


At last!

Instagram has finally allowed that one upgrade we have been eagarly awaiting, and content creators everywhere are rejoicing. Yes, business profiles are now able to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time, trailing long behind other platforms who have allowed this for quite some time. So, bid adeiu to the calendar alerts you've set on your phone, and open your arms up and give a warm embrace to this lovely age of automation.

As with any good news, of course, there are a few caveats. First off, you cannot schedule directly on the Instagram platform. However, we aren't too heartbroken- we can just use one of our trusty scheduling apps such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or SocialFlow. The other drawback is that, as with any social media scheduling, you cannot just "set it and forget it". You and your team should always know what is in the queue so you can avoid posting too much at once, or get ahead of any content that might suddenly be inappropriate in light of breaking news.

All in all, we are thrilled about this update, and we are not alone. Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes stated, “The scheduling and publishing of Instagram content has been the number one request for our 16 million customers”. So, here's a pat on the back, Instagram! You just made 16 million people’s dream come true.

For more information, see this blog post on Instagram's website.

Michael Shoup

Michael Shoup

Michael is the Founder & CEO of 12South Marketing as well as a professional musician and songwriter. He's got more advice to offer than your mom the day before your wedding.

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